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Tuna the dog

7 of The World’s Favourite Instadogs

One of the best things about the increasing developments in technology is without a doubt the wealth of dog videos, pictures and memes that are available from the touch of a button. From talking huskies to the floor is lava playing collies; our four-legged friends are often caught on camera in hilarious fashion. This has also led to the rise of the instadog, or internet famous dogs. Many have endearing physical features, some are loved because of their mischievous character and some are a few bones short of a skeleton if you know what I mean – but we love them for it!

Instadogs are one of the key motivations behind starting my own blog, and I love keeping up with my favourite posing canines. Many of them are blessed with truly inspiring owners, who have made the most out of their pets weird and wonderful traits, and have managed to raise money for an array of good causes as a result. In a world that is plagued with hate, sadness and Donald Trump, we all need a picture or video of our favourite pups every now and again!

So, for my first ever blog post, here’s to you guys, the bloggers and doggo’s that give you a smile when you need it most! Below is a list of 10 of the world’s favourite dogs:


Tuna is a 6-year-old Chiweenie, and has seemingly stolen the hearts of the world with his exaggerated overbite, wrinkly neck and charming personality. Tuna was himself a rescued by Courtney Dasher in 2010, when he was just 4 months old and was made an Instagram account one year into their friendship. The rest is history, and the ultimate underdog of our generation is now an ambassador for animal rescue, with owner Courtney raising awareness for rescue groups via the page. I mean, he even has a blue tick on the gram!


Next up, it’s Manny, the world’s most-followed French Bulldog with an undying passion for bacon. Manny’s hilarious mannerisms are infectious, and he loves car rides, eating and sleeping. He likes to make new friends, but also uses his new-found fame to give back to charity whenever he can, raising awareness about other animals in need like a good doggo.


A post shared by Marnie The Dog (@marniethedog) on

This beloved, head-tilting pup with the longest tongue I ever did see has captured the hearts of dog-lovers all over the globe.  Marnie is popular across all social media’s, with millions falling in love with her awesome tongue-out pictures. Marnie is also a rescue dog, and was saved from the streets of Connecticut aged 10, and spent 4 months in a shelter before Shirley snapped her up. Marnie is leading the way in raising awareness for the adoption of senior mutts and giving hope to slightly older dogs everywhere!

Sir Charles Barkley

Another French Bulldog with a big personality, Sir Charles Barkley loves snorting, eating, swinging and meeting new friends. His parents made an Instagram account when he was just a few weeks old, allowing friends and family to see how he was getting on. 486,000 followers later and here we are today, still following all his quirky pictures, and falling in love with him more and more every day!


Corgnelious should get a mention for his incredibly imaginative name if nothing else, and has Corgie owners all over the world kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. Their Instagram account is just a couple of corgies going about their everyday life, recording it with a wealth unedited photos #nofilter. These dogs aren’t the most photogenic, granted, but they are a beacon of hope for self-conscious dogs all over the planet. 

Minnie & Max

You may recognise these head-tilting pugs, as their video went viral and appeared on the likes of Ellen and The Tonight Show. Minnie and Max are a lovable brother and sister act, #puglife enthusiasts who share plenty of adorable duo pictures online. They and their owner are big supporters of animal rescue, particularly pug rescue, and promote and attend events all over the USA.


Last, but by no means least, we have Boo the Pomeranian. He was one of the first dogs to find stardom online, and his owner set up a Facebook page in 2009 to document all the different doggy outfits he wore and the mischief he got up to with fellow Pomeranian and best pal, Buddy. He was soon dubbed “the cutest dog in the world”, quite some title, and currently has over 17 million likes.

Have you got any dogspiration? If I’ve missed any world-famous dogs that deserve a mention, let me know!

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