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Otis carries his dog food home

Dog Caught in Texas Storm Has His Priorities Right…

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc in the state of Texas over the weekend, with torrential rain causing catastrophic floods across the region – with no sign of relenting any time soon.

It’s been dubbed the worst storm to hit the area since Carla in 2001, which destroyed nearly 2,000 homes and Harvey has left devastation in its wake. The storm has ruined the lives of many of those who live there, and have been forced to abandon their worldly possessions in the name of safety.

However, there has been one unlikely hero of the storm in the shape of a four-legged canine called Otis, who amongst all the chaos, has been regarded as some kind of symbol of hope for those caught up in the disruption of Harvey.

Otis the dog was pictured carrying what we can only assume to be emergency supplies, in the form of dog food, risking it all in the name of not going hungry while the storm continues to ravage the state.

The picture was taken by Tiele Dockens, who was on her way to check on houses of some friends and family who had been evacuated. The dog walking down the road carrying a big bag of dog food caught her attention, causing her to take a photo of the clever pup. She said:

“It’s like he’s on a mission. I just thought it was cute.”

She shared the picture on her Facebook, where it quickly went viral, making the average German Shepard from Stinton, Texas, an online celebrity almost immediately.

She recognised the dog, and wanted to make sure he wasn’t in trouble, so followed him to make sure he wasn’t lost. She found herself at Segovia’s house, who was looking after his grandson’s dog after the five-year-old was evacuated because of the storm.

Segovia said the brown German shepherd mix with a dark snout and droopy ears walked up to the front porch, set down the bag of food and lay on the floor. Otis was, apparently, a local celebrity in Stinton long before his rise to online fame. Everywhere he went people knew him, and he’d sometimes take himself off to be fed by them. Segovia said:

“He’s got a real sad-looking face, and people just admire him whenever they see him.”

Given that everyone was preoccupied by the storm, Segovia assumes that noone was in the store to give him a treat, so instead of going without, he just picked up a bag for himself!

The actual age of Otis is guessed to be around 6, but Segovia rescued him when he was just a pup, and he soon became his grandson’s dog.

At a time where thousands of people are at risk of losing everything, it’s little beacons of hope like Otis, that keep us all together and unite the world!

I relate to this dog on so many levels, and think he’s such a clever pup for even thinking about securing himself some emergency supplies.

Watch the video below:

Credit: Today TV

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  1. That’s one clever dog! He knew exactly what was needed to be done and was intuitive enough to stock up for himself. Here’s hoping for things to settle soon and for Otis to keep inspiring everyone around. Cheers!!

  2. Omg what an inspirational story. I live animals and their ability to love no matter what. So great to see something positive in this tragwdy.

  3. I loved this! We are about 2 hours from Houston – a lot of family and friends live there and were affected. A lot of displaced pets and animals as well. This brings a lot of cheer.

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