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Miracle Mo: Dog Survives 9 Months Of Brutal Weather In The Mountains (VIDEO)

An elderly Chesapeake Bay Retriever has proved that miracles can happen after returning home following a brutal winter in the Idaho mountains. The survival-expert canine, known as Mo, wandered away from her owners during a hunting trip last September.

Owners Darwin and Cindy Cameron stayed in the area for around 3 months searching for their beloved pup, before deep snow and extreme conditions finally made the search virtually impossible.

However, 9 months after her initial disappearance, dog rescuer Cheri Glanker welcomed a starving retriever that had collapsed at a nearby ranch last month. Glanker said that she knew the dog had been living in the wild for a while because of her somewhat dishevelled appearance. After posting photos of Mo on Facebook, the powers of social media meant that word soon reached the Camerons.

The Camerons had experienced several false alarms, and were hesitant to believe that their beautiful pup had been found. Mo has lost half her body weight and her hearing whilst battling the elements in the wild over winter, and as such Glanker warned the couple that she may not be quite the same in both physical appearance and characteristics than they remember.  Glanker said:

“They all expect a kind of Disneyland response like you see sometimes in videos when veterans come home and to be perfectly honest, that’s abnormal. People don’t understand that (the dogs) have gone into survival mode.”

The Camerons were able to recognise Mo through mannerisms and other individual details, despite her subdued behaviour.

Darwin said that the couple were “blessed” to have her back, and thanked everyone who made the reunion possible. He said:

“If you know anything about Idaho winters, this one was not a normal one. Record snowfalls and coldest temperatures in over 100 years. So, to think that she was smart enough and tenacious enough to figure out how to do that, that’s pretty good for a little town dog. We are just amazed.”

Glanker nicknamed Mo “The Legend” in honour of all she had survived. She doesn’t take the credit for rescuing the 14-year-old canine, claiming that ‘Mo saved Mo’, noting that even when she was taken on walks following her rescue, she was searching for something.

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Video credit: Good Morning America

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