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What breed of dog are you?

What Breed of Dog Are You?

There comes a moment in every dog-lovers life where they wonder, what type of dog am I?

One of the reasons we love dogs so much is that they are all so wonderfully unique, and each have individual personality traits that make them who they are. For example, I have a sheepdog, who is inexcusably and unapologetically terrified of sheep. She’s scared of suitcases as well to be fair, bless her soul.

But while each pup has their own individual quirks, and while much of their personality is determined by their family home, there are also some shared traits that can be identified by breed. For example, Labrador’s are often hungry, energetic and are said to have the waggiest tales in all the land. Pugs on the other hand are renowned for stubbornness, but are also playful and docile.

I like to think my quiz is pretty accurate, so let me know what you got and whether you agree in the comments or via my social media channels! Share with your other dog-lovin’ friends to see what they get!


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  1. Border collie! Great little post to get people interacting i love it. Excited to look at more of your blog later 😉

  2. Apparently I’m a border collie! My grandparents had one when I was a child, and she was really smart, so I’m fine with that!My favourite breed is the golden retriever, but apart from their stubbornness, I don’t have their will-to-please or love of everyone, so I’m not surprised I didn’t get that!

  3. I got a Labrador! Aww I used to have one 🙂 he got old with age! I miss that guy! This is my second quiz I’ve came across. How do you do these? Just curious.

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