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Would You Sell Your Dog For £1,000,000?

There have been various factors that have led me to ponder this question. I was at a work conference in Brighton when one of the talkers discussed how he was offered £1,000,000 for his app, but he had just become the proud new owner of a pup, and so graciously declined. I then saw this video [below] and once again, my mind began to wander…

Credit: BigDawsTv

I’ve asked friends, family and it’s quite the debate in the office, but I want to hear from YOU! I’ve put together my thought process and the for and against arguments that led me to my answer to this question, and look forward to hearing some of yours!

First of all, I realise that there are various ifs and buts when it comes to something like this. IF the dog was going to a home where he/she would be loved, spoilt and cherished forever, you might consider it. IF you could have a kind of pen-pal relationship with your doggo, you may be more open to the idea. IF your four-legged friend was off to someone with the kind of money to offer £1,000,000, won’t they have a better life anyway and be treated like the royals they are? Believe me, I’ve exhausted all the ifs and buts there are, and it doesn’t get you anywhere. The question is to be interpreted that you will never see the dog again and have no concept of the kind of place he/she will be going.

Nope, never in a million years

So, as I’m sure most of you are currently thinking, my initial response was never in a million years. Not least because both my doggos are mongrols, and therefore worth nowhere near that amount, but also because they’re MY pups. We’ve had them both since they were tiny little pups, and believe it or not, we have grown to like them. Sure, with a million pounds you could buy a new dog and then some, but no amount of puppies would be able to mask the guilt I had from sending my number one canine into the unknown.

Then comes the question of whether you’d be able to enjoy the money? I can’t speak for all dog owners, but I know I would begin to start seeing images of my little darling in the wing mirror of my brand new lambo and playing in the garden of my luxurious mansion. If you’ve ever lost a pet, the worst part is not knowing what happened to your four-legged friend. In many ways, I picture it to be worse than grieving.

All of these arguments can relate back to the age-old saying that money can’t buy happiness, and I think no amount of dollar would make me trade in my dogs. You see lottery winners on the TV, and they look grey, tired and downright miserable for someone with so much money – and they didn’t even sacrifice their favourite pet!

Yes, show me the $$$

Then, the devil on my right shoulder came out to play. Sure, I love them, but think of all the things I could get for £1,000,000? As I drove along wondering about this very question, my trusty old banger of a car made yet another questionable noise, and I would be lying if I didn’t start to imagine the new wheels I could get with that much money. As with most people in their twenties, I can’t imagine ever buying and owning my own house, although a million big ones would get me a lovely big house by the sea. Yes sure, I’d miss him/her, and yes, I would feel bad – but surely I’d get over it? I imagine when you’re wiping your tears away with £50 notes they dry up in no time.

Then I started thinking about averages. My dog is 7, so really he’s lived at least half his life with us, and I should say thanks for the memories, see ya later, laughing all the way to the bank. I thought about where he could be going, and if a man was willing to pay £1,000,000 for such a dopey looking lab x collie, then more fool him! Does he know how much he jumps? How anxious he is when you leave him even for just a few minutes? Does he know that he jumps on the sofa, no matter how many times you tell him no?

And it is with those last few questions that I answered my own question. Of course I wouldn’t. My dog is one of a kind, and I could never send him on his way, not knowing where he was going or how he would be treated without ruining the rest of my life! He suffers from separation anxiety That’s not to say I can’t see the benefits of a £1,000,000 (believe me, I can), but it’s just not the life for me.

I love an online debate though, so let me know what you would do via the comments, either here, or on my social media channels, and don’t forget to give your reasons why! There will also be a poll on Twitter, so get involved to have your voice heard @TOWIPUP.

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